About Us

We have a long standing commitment to quality and excellence in the high vacuum industry. Started in 1967 the company is a leader in manufacturing of high vacuum equipment for thin film coating and etching.

We started exporting our systems around the world in 2001, and now have equipment installed across the US, and in Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Israel, India, China and Germany.

Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, our foundation is built on three pillars: Systems for High Vacuum Thin Film Deposition & Ion Beam Etching/Deposition, Thin Film Coatings, and Ion Sources for surface modification. We dedicate ourselves to delivering high performance products to institutions who require technology solutions that truly push the limits of what advanced manufacturing and materials science have to offer.

We have been a driving force in the thin film deposition and materials science industry for the past 30 years and dedicate ourselves to innovating these fields in a manner that impacts the overall industry. Many industries are directly affected such as: aerospace & defense, medical, telecommunications, energy, optics & photonics, and more. This reach cascades to countless more indirect applications that influence The World.

Intlvac’s hand-picked team of specialists continuously explore the nuances of materials science through a range of deposition techniques and state-of-the-art metrology equipment. By developing transformative technologies through our deep library of Intellectual Property, we provide our customers with industry leading value and superior performance. We are dynamic because of our research foundations and refined because of our team mentality. However, the evolution of our systems, coatings, and ion sources is not our most profound virtue, instead it is the commitment to the cultivation of the materials science that governs them.

We take pride in our exceptional capability to produce cutting-edge low-temperature multi-layer metal coatings for bi-polar plates and electrolyzers. Our advanced technology enables us to create highly efficient and durable coatings that enhance the performance and longevity of these crucial components. With our expertise, we ensure that the coatings exhibit excellent adhesion, corrosion resistance, and electrical conductivity, all while maintaining low-temperature processing conditions. Our innovative approach empowers us to deliver reliable solutions that contribute to the advancement of sustainable energy systems and promote a greener future.

Yours Truly,

Dino Deligiannis, President



  • Michael Cheseaux, MSc, PhD - Research Scientist

    Michael specializes in designing PVD and PECVD systems and processes. He offers a deep understanding of sputtering and reactive sputtering processes, theory and simulation. Michael is in charge of various projects including the development of Optical Endpoint Monitoring capabilities.

  • Renjie Liu, MSc, PhD - Process Automation Developer

    Renjie offers a deep understanding in the growth and characterization of nanostructures on metal and semiconducting substrates in HV/UHV chambers and excels in analytical techniques such as Scanning Tunneling Microscopy. Atomic Force Microscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy, Low Energy Electron Diffraction and more.

  • Jeff Carter, MSc, PhD - Senior Software Developer

    Jeff leads the automation team responsible for control integration, automation sequencing and user interface software. He also applies his experimental Physics PhD experience to process modeling and development, particularly in the areas of thermal evaporation and heat transfer.

  • Jacek Wojcik, PhD, PEng - Production & Plant Manager

    Jacek brings 20+ years of experience in coating process development and metrology to the Intlvac Hydrogen team. In addition, Jacek has managed thin film coating labs as Senior Principal Research Engineer in both university and industrial environments.

  • Dino Deligiannis - President

    Dino is the founder and president of Intlvac Hydrogen, Intlvac Thin Film and Intlvac Space Simulation. Formally educated in the field of Physics, Dino’s technical knowledge, business experience and sales talents led to the expansion of Intlvac’s systems sales around the world.

  • Miguel Pereira, BASc - Systems & Process Development

    Miguel has a BASc in Engineering Physics and offers 17 years of experience developing processes and systems for Sputter Deposition, Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) for Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) and Ion Beam Etching.

  • Michael Nagy, PEng - Head of Mechanical Engineering

    Michael brings a wealth of expertise in design, fabrication, assembling and testing of state-of-the-art HV and UHV systems and components. These include multi-axis cooling and heating stages, planetary stages and outer space thermal simulation solutions.

  • Peter van Nooten, BASc - Nanofabrication Engineer, Head of Metal Coating

    Peter’s areas of expertise include nanofabrication processes, nanostructures, thin films, MEMS, NEMS, vacuum equipment, optical devices and process modeling. In addition, Peter develops metal coating techniques and manages the fiber metalization and coating team.

  • Saeedeh Mokarian Zanjani, PhD - Internal Sales Engineer

    Saeedeh has her PhD in Materials Science and Engineering with a focus on epitaxial growth and characterization of magnetic insulating thin films for spintronic applications. Her research as an industrial postdoctoral fellow focused on nanomaterials development, thin film coating, and device fabrication for optoelectronics.